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Pool Cleaning Service and Maintenance, Cedar Park

There’s nothing quite like being able to come home to a clean, sparkling swimming pool in your own backyard. It’s a welcoming sight no doubt for you, your family, and friends, and offers the perfect escape from the often hot and muggy weather in Cedar Park. However, there’s a potential downside to owning a pool. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, your exquisite swimming pool can turn into a breeding ground for all types of germs and bacteria, which is not only an eyesore but can also lead to an unhealthy situation. That’s where Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park comes in.

We’re the company to call when it comes to keeping your pool and spa clean and in pristine condition all year long. We take great pride in delivering excellence with every job and are fully committed to customer satisfaction from start to finish. Proper pool cleaning and maintenance has been our main focus and we have perfected our techniques over several years of experience. We work quickly and give each pool the detailing and thoroughness that it rightly deserves, so you’re ready to dive in day or night.

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    Additionally, we take care of the chemical balance of your swimming pool, making sure everything is at the right levels for a cool and refreshing swim. Our trained and experienced pool cleaning professionals are just one call away and will always arrive with the proper kits and equipment to keep your swimming pool clean and clear.

    Why choose Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park?

    We know the Cedar Park, TX region well, and proudly serve its residents. Our commitment to responsive customer service and top quality output has built us a solid reputation for being the leading name in pool and hot tub care across the region. Customer satisfaction and absolute peace of mind are at the core of our services and we bring all our years of experience to bear in making sure you have a pool that you will be proud of for years to come.

    When you contact us, our technicians will take the time to learn about the pool type, any issues that you may have encountered with it in the past, and the conditions of the outside environment, which, as you may know has a huge impact on the amount of maintenance required.

    Remember, having a clean and well-maintained pool is not just for the appeal but it is a health requirement. Unclean water has been known to have negative effects on the skin, eyes, hair, and even the overall health of the swimmers. If you and your family want to use the pool or perhaps you have plans to invite people over, you’ll need to be confident in the cleanliness and chemical balance of the water. All you have to do is give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation, quote. When you are searching for the leading pool cleaning service in Cedar Park and the surrounding areas, look no further.

    Our Services

    Some of the most common pool-related issues we’ve come across include things like algae-ridden waters, clogged skimmers, dirty tiles, mucky filters, unbalanced chemicals, or even broken pool pumps. Not to worry, the number one team of pool cleaning maintenance professionals in the Cedar Park area has got you covered. Here’s a brief breakdown of our core services:

    Tile Cleaning

    Over time, swimming pool tiles can lose their appeal due to calcium build-up. Unfortunately, not every contractor out there knows how to get these tiles clean without causing serious and irreparable damage. When it comes to tile cleaning in Cedar Park and the nearby areas, we set the pace for others to follow. Our cleaning process involves low pressure, environmentally safe glass bead blasting, which leaves the tiles clean with no scratches or blemishes. Our tile cleaning services cater to various tile materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, and many others. If you’re not sure whether tiles in your swimming pool need cleaning, simply give us a call so we can perform a thorough inspection and help you decide.

    Acid Washing

    Having problems with ugly greenish staining at the bottom of your swimming pool? It usually means the water is getting overrun by algae, probably due to stagnant water, neglect, or improper winterizing. In any case, this algae growth needs to be eliminated before you can use the pool again. Not to worry, as we offer acid washing in Cedar Park and the surrounding areas, which is the ideal way to handle such situations. This process essentially steps away a tiny layer of the plaster where the algae and staining have settled so there is a new, stain-free surface. Acid washing doesn’t just take care of algae growths but can be used to remove all kinds of built-up dirt stains, including those from chlorine and other water minerals. By the time we’re done with your pool, it will look good as new.

    Pool Filter Cleaning

    The pool filter does the job of catching and stopping dirt and debris from flowing back into your clean water. Like any filter, however, it can get clogged over time and effectively ruin your pool experience. Our pool professionals are on hand to provide top of the line pool filter cleaning in Cedar Park at set intervals so the pool pump only circulates clean, chlorinated water. We’ve worked on various types of pool filters so rest assured that whatever filter you have installed for your pool is in the best possible hands.

    Monthly Maintenance

    If you use your swimming pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi every so often, you can opt for our monthly maintenance service where we perform any necessary cleaning and repairs/replacements at set intervals. This way, you can get the best from your pool throughout the year. We offer a number of plans when it comes to your pool’s monthly maintenance in Cedar Park or any of the other regions nearby.

    Acid Washing Is Best Done By the Pros

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