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Finding dark unsightly stains at the bottom of your swimming pool can be quite disconcerting, especially if you and your family members were really looking forward to splashing around after a long day. In some cases, algae and black mold stains may have even started to develop across the pool tiles and grout, which in turn make the pool just plain ugly to look at. Unfortunately, these types of stains tend to build over time and are therefore quite difficult to remove with regular cleaning agents. Not to worry though, as we can help with various forms of swimming pool acid washing in Cedar Park.

Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park is the trusted name in top-to-bottom cleaning and maintenance services in the local area. We’ve been providing acid washing services for several years and have perfected our technique to ensure that your pool is in pristine condition at all times.

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    What Does Acid Washing Entail?

    The process involves draining the pool and giving it a thorough scrub. A wash of muriatic acid is then applied directly to stained surfaces to effectively remove the chlorine, calcium, dirt, mineral, and algae stains that have spread across the sides and the bottom of your swimming pool. The acid essentially strips away a very thin layer of the plaster where the stains were previously on, kind of like a chemical peel for the skin.

    Our acid washing services can bring back the sparkle to your pool even if it was extensively ridden with all manner of stains.

    How Often Will I Need to Schedule An Acid Wash?

    This will typically depend on how well you maintain the swimming pool. It is not uncommon for a pool to suffer neglect, especially when there’s hardly anyone around to use it or the weather doesn’t allow for it. But then, this can lead to stagnating water and chemical imbalances, which essentially pave the way for algae, phosphates and other bacteria to bloom. Over time and left unchecked, these growths and mineral buildups can eventually become virtually impossible to eliminate. In some cases, the dirt is so extensive that you can hardly see the bottom of the pool anymore.

    That’s why it’s important to practice proper pool maintenance so you can prevent the need for frequent acid washes. Even if the pool is not that dirty, there’s still a number of reasons to consider acid washing your swimming pool. For one, you may want to restore the brightness of the pool, perhaps in preparation for an upcoming pool party.

    Acid Washing Is Best Done By the Pros

    Due to the nature of the chemicals and the specialized cleaning equipment involved, acid washing is not something you want to DIY. At Cedar Park Pool Cleaning Service, our pool technicians are expertly trained to safely work with muriatic acid and have all the necessary tools to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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