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Proper pool maintenance is one of those important aspects of pool ownership that we mostly don’t like to do. This is completely understandable given our ever busy schedules and jam-packed daily routines. How is one supposed to find time to take care of their swimming pool? Well, the good news is you don’t actually have to do it yourself. In fact, it’s best to just leave the whole maintenance thing in the hands of professionals. With that in mind, we are the leading go-to service when it comes to monthly maintenance in Cedar Park.

Pool Cleaning Services, Cedar Park helps protect the investment in your backyard with regular upkeep, making sure it is never in a state of disrepair and ready for use at a moment’s notice. We offer various monthly maintenance plans that can suit your preferences. From routine maintenance checks, to ensuring optimum water chemical balance, and a number of upkeep necessities, our skilled pool cleaners have got you fully covered.

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    What to Expect With Our Monthly Pool Maintenance Services

    Calling on us for the professional pool upkeep means you no longer have to worry about the state of your swimming pool, hot tub, or jacuzzi. We take great pride in offering full-service, monthly pool maintenance programs at affordable prices. This service is ultimately aimed at putting your pool maintenance on autopilot so you can enjoy your pool for its intended purpose — a place for you, your family, and guests to relax, have fun and just generally enjoy yourselves.

    Our comprehensive maintenance services cover a wide variety of areas, including:

    • Checking all pool equipment and making sure they are all in perfect working conditions
    • Clearing away all forms of debris, including leaves, twigs, hair and lint pot

    • Brushing and backwashing the pool tiles, walls, and floor where necessary

    • Cleaning the pool filter system and other related apparatus, and emptying the pool cleaner bag

    • Adjusting the chemical balance in the water, where necessary

    Simply set up your preferred schedule and we’ll be there every month, like clockwork. We can also provide you with emergency services, such as quick clean ups and water chemical testing. However, if you’re planning a special pool event, we’d appreciate a few days’ notice so we can work out the schedule and have our team ready to go on or before the day.

    At the end of each visit, our technicians will make sure to leave your property and pool exactly the way that it was, of course, with the addition of a fresh-looking pool. They make sure to put all equipment away and clear out all the dirt and debris before exiting the premises. Additionally, if there’s a need for further work based on the pool and equipment inspection, we will be sure to inform you so you can take proactive measures before the issue deteriorates.

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    Let us work with you today to set up and handle your pool’s regular upkeep. As the leading name in pool monthly maintenance in Cedar Park, you can count us to deliver superior services and ensure that your pool remains healthy and fun year round. Call us now or fill out our contact form to get started with a FREE quote.

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