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Having a good filtration system is usually the first line of defense for keeping your pool clean. The pool filter traps debris, oil buildups, and fine particles, thereby ensuring that only clean water circulates in your swimming pool. Additionally, these pool filters can help conserve the amount of electricity needed to keep your pool functional. Of course, this is only if your pool’s pump and filter system are properly maintained. However, if this maintenance process is a chore you’d like to skip, Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park can help. You can count on us for top of the line pool filter cleaning in Cedar Park, and enjoy its many benefits.

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    Why Schedule Regular Pool Filter Cleaning?

    Investing in regular filter cleanings is the ideal way to go if you want your pool to remain clean and healthy. In addition to filtering our leaves, twigs, and other debris, pool filters are also responsible for maintaining the health and pH level of the water. This means with a clogged or faulty filter, it might not be safe or sanitary to swim in the pool.

    Another reason is that neglecting your pool filter can result in the warranty being voided. Most manufacturers of swimming pool filters require that their products undergo regular cleanings to maintain the warranty coverage. The usual interval ranges from every 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of filter installed. Unfortunately, many pool owners don’t realize until they take the damaged pool filters for a replacement, only to be told that the warranty has been voided because it was not properly maintained.

    As if these are not reasons enough, scheduling regular pool filter cleaning can lead to electrical savings! A clean filter usually requires lesser amps to run. Not convinced? See for yourself. Simply get a voltmeter to measure the total amount of amps being pulled by your filter pump motor before the filter cleaning service. Measure it again after we’ve given the pool filter a thorough cleaning and you’ll notice the difference. Of course, you should know how to operate a voltmeter before embarking on this test. If not, get a professional to do it for you.

    Lastly, cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool filter regularly will prolong the useful lifespan of both the filter and the pump motor. As you can imagine, the cost of maintenance is drastically less than the cost of purchasing new units.

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    Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park is the company to call for reliable pool filter cleaning services. On the day of the cleaning, we get to work quickly, removing, cleaning, and re-installing the filter system precisely. Our experienced pool technicians have been doing this for years so you can be sure that we’ll get the job done to the highest standards. Get started with your free no-obligation quote on pool filter cleaning in Cedar Park today by calling or by completing our contact form. Let us work with you to ensure your pool operates in an efficient manner for years to come.

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