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Owning a swimming pool comes with certain responsibilities, one of which involves keeping the pool tiles clean, else the calcium buildup ruins the swimming experience and leads to irreparable damage down the line.

We are the company to call when it comes to pool tile cleaning in Cedar Park. Here at Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park, we understand that your pool is an investment that deserves proper maintenance so that it doesn’t lose its value over time. We know too well that keeping your tile and grout clean is crucial to extending the life of your swimming pool.

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    Signs of Dirty Swimming Pool Tiles

    Keeping your swimming pool in tiptop condition often involves being proactive with its maintenance regime. This means being able to identify potential issues and dealing with them before they degenerate into something worse. With that in mind, here are some of the most common telltale signs that your pool tiles are in need of professional cleaning:

    • Build-up of calcium, lime (limescale), or hard water

    • Algae (usually unsightly dark green growths) growing on the tile on in the grout
    • A layer of grayish or whitish film covering the tiles and causing them to appear dull

    • Black mold growing on the tiles and along the grouts

    Left unchecked, these issues can degrade the grouts and cause the tiles to lose their luster or worse, crack. Plus, the sight of algae and black molds in and around the pool is usually more than enough to discourage entering the water. The sooner the tiles and grouts get clean, the sooner you use the pool again. Our experienced tile cleaning experts can quickly remove this algae and calcium buildup while preserving the structural integrity and aesthetics of your pool tiles, grout, and plaster.

    Tile Cleaning at its Finest with Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park

    We specialize in making your pool tiles look new again by thoroughly removing those stubborn Calcium deposits and their resulting dirt patches. Back then, pool owners dealing with heavy calcium buildup on their pool tiles often had to replace them. With Pool Cleaning Service, Cedar Park, however, you can save on expensive tile replacements by choosing our tile cleaning service.

    No matter how badly stained they may be or how much calcium is built up, our specialized equipment can safely get everything out and have your pool tiles looking fresh. Our process involves dropping the water level below the bottom of the tile to clearly assess the calcium buildup and stains. We use a very fine, powder-like bead for the actual cleaning so there is no damage whatsoever to the tiles. As a final touch, we’ll polish your newly cleaned tiles to give off that pristine look.

    Keep in mind that there is no preventing calcium buildup but we’re here to make sure that it never becomes a major concern for you.

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